Refreshing Pastors

The Better Place exists to serve as a place where pastors and other ministry leaders can partake of Sabbatical experiences that will result in their being renewed in spirit, soul and body.

Six days you shall labor, but on the seventh day you shall rest; even during the plowing season and harvest you must rest. – Exodus 34:21


  Board member, Maureen Schafer, visits with
  Rev. Carlos Llera of the Getsemani Church in Dunkirk, NY.
To “Sabbath” is to remove the obligation to have to do anything so we might give our full and undivided attention to God our Maker. The need for Sabbath is woven into the fabric of creation. We all need a Sabbath day each week and we all need Sabbath times every day. Pastors and ministry leaders tend to understand this, but they need help to do it. That is one reason The Better Place is here.

Once The Better Place has a campus we will provide a place where pastors and ministry leaders can come to learn to Sabbath and to experience Sabbath. For the present however, check our EVENTS PAGE for any announcements of Sabbath related events that are being offered.

Average clergy health insurance cost are 65% higher than the national average. This is one symptom of the unrelieved stress clergy live with today. Sabbath is God’s plan to relieve that stress and to bring inner healing.

When we purchase major appliances they come with owner’s manuals which include recommendations for routine maintenance. The Bible serves as an owner’s manual for the care of creation including the care and nurture of human beings. It was given to us by our “manufacturer” so we can live a blessed life characterized by excellent health and prosperity (Deuteronomy 28). Pastors know this, but pastors need help in this area and so God has raised up The Better Place to provide that help. – For more information about the role of The Better Place in God’s design to help pastors today see the paper, “Why The Better Place?




02 – 04 February 2015

Pastors’ and Intercessors’ Prayer Summit

Jesus is the “author and perfecter of our faith;” and just as he got away from the demands of the crowds for extended periods of prayer and fellowship with his Father, so must we. This gathering is a time for pastors and persons who are called to a ministry of intercession to gather over a three-day period to wait on God together.

Time: Noon on Monday through lunch on Wednesday.
Place: Camp Findley, Findley Lake, NY

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Prayer Gathering

Do you reside in the Jamestown area of Chautauqua County, NY or will you be visiting this region? You are always invited to attend the weekly Tuesday morning pastors’ prayer gathering that is held on the second floor of the ‘Gateway Center’ at 31 Water Street in Jamestown.

This gathering begins at 9:00 a.m. with a time of sharing and lots of joking. At around 9:15 one of the pastors will share some ‘prayer launch’ thoughts from the Scriptures and then the group enters into a rich time of prayer that is often seasoned with singing and may include some times of personal ministry to pastors in a time of special need. All pastors and leaders of Christian ministries are welcome to attend.

Questions? Call 716/720-5123.