Donor Recognition

The Better Place exists to equip the Church in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Ontario to be a house of prayer for the nations.
– Isaiah 56:7b


The cost of fully establishing The Better Place will exceed forty million dollars. Undoubtedly, it will take the gifts of many people and organizations to make The Better Place a reality. It is good to celebrate, to recognize and to remember what is accomplished for the true glory of God when many people combine their efforts.


Therefore, all founding donors will be invited to the dedication service of The Better Place where they will be recognized. (This will be a time of celebration when all key physical components of the ministry have been put in place and also after the salaried staff have been hired). -- And therefore, all founding donors will be recognized by category of gift in a permanent display in the foyer of the lodge. -- And therefore, a written record of all founding donors will be kept in the permanent archives of The Better Place and in a commemorative book about the founding and ministry of The Better Place that will be written for publication on the third anniversary of the dedication of The Better Place.


Additional recognition will be given to individuals or organizations that pay for the total design and construction cost of any building by naming the building for them. The same is true for the prayer path, fitness trail, the prayer labyrinth, the RV sites and the pond. Rooms in the two main buildings will be named for those who give the total cost of furnishing the rooms and providing for accessories and decorations. Those who contribute the full cost of a statue cluster will be recognized at the statue. Endowment funds listed in the bylaws will be named for those who contribute the full starting principle of any endowment.


Significant donations will be needed for parts of the campus that are less "glamorous" than those listed above. Therefore, those who contribute the total cost of such things as the purchase of the property, bringing City of Jamestown water and sewer to the campus, putting in water and sewer on the Campus grounds, other utilities, roads and parking, trees and shrubbery and the generator will be prominently recognized on a plaque at the gateway welcome spot. This will be a significant and attractive stopping place within the median of the main campus road approximately fifty yards onto the campus from the public road. The recognition plaque will be set between other plaques that briefly tell the story and the mission of The Better Place. A statue of Jesus with Mary and Martha in their home at Bethany (Luke 10:42) will also be here.


Any donations given in honor or in loving memory of anyone will be appropriately indicated following the guidelines for donation recognition above.




Your donations will help to fulfill the goals of The Better Place.


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Thank you for donating to our ministry.

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