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Study and do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker and good student who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. – 2 Timothy 2:15



When God called Abram from Ur of the Chaldeans to go and to become the father of a people from whom the Messiah of all people would come (Genesis 11:31-12:1), Ur was one of only a couple cities on the planet where written language had been developed. Certainly this was not coincidence. As God moved in the hearts of people, from Abraham to Isaac, to Jacob/Israel, to Moses, to David and ultimately to our Lord Jesus the Messiah – He made sure the Gospel story was committed to writing. Therefore, reading was always important for the people of God.


Still today the reading of Scripture and of books based on Scripture is a vital weapon in the arsenal of the Christian believer as we seek to grow strong as disciples of Jesus and to effectively engage in the spiritual battle that confronts us all. Therefore, as a means to help those who The Better Place serves to be thoroughly equipped for prayer ministry, for healing and deliverance, and for ministries of unity – The Better Place makes books that are especially helpful in these areas available at competitive prices.

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This DVD set contains sixteen solid hours of excellent teaching by Rev. Dr. Roy Miller, the Director of The Better Place. Sixteen distinct topics of prayer are covered during the sixteen hours. The content of the teaching for each topic was developed in response to real needs expressed by people seeking to know more about prayer and seeking to be more effective in prayer. Here is a partial list of topics: “Discerning Our Call to Prayer Ministry,” “Jesus Our Model,” “Releasing the Power,”  “Persistence,” “Vision for Transformation,” “Prayer Mapping Primer,” “House of Prayer,” “Corporate Prayer,” “Urgency,” “Praying God’s Word,” “Healing Prayer,” and several more.

What pastors are saying: “Attending the School of Prayer impacted me deeply. It was not only informative, it was formative. My perspectives on prayer were challenged and enlightened andmy prayer life was changed. Dr. Miller offered insights on prayer that I had not considered. In fact, I had not been exposed to teaching on prayer as I had in the School of Prayer. I have since used some of Dr. Miller's insights for our church's prayer meeting. I highly recommend the School of Prayer as I believe it can deeply inspire not only individuals but local faith communities and the communities to whom they minister.”  Rev. Dr. Mark E. Hanson, Church of the Nazarene, Jamestown, NY

“The Better Place Ministries School of Prayer has absolutely revolutionized my prayer life (and the life of congregants who take the time to attend).  Dr. Miller offers biblically sound teaching woven with real-life examples that are not just informational, but inspirational.  It is all in all, transformational!”  
-- Rev. Marc Samworth, Pastor, Alliance Church, Frewsburg, NY


All of the teaching on these DVDs is provided by the Reverend Dr. Roy L. Miller. The videos were recorded on four separate days with a class of around a dozen people each day. – Dr. Miller served as a pastor in the UMC for 22 years before serving for 6 years as a District Superintendent in the UMC. In 2003 he left denominational ministry to serve the whole Church when he founded The Better Place ministries. Dr. Miller continues to serve as Director of TBP. He is also a frequent speaker/preacher at conferences in the U.S. and in East Africa.


About the workbook:
This workbook was prepared as a companion to be used while viewing the School of Prayer DVDs [also for sale at this site]. The workbook is designed to help the student of prayer to better retain the content of the video sessions and to think about that content. There are fill-in-the-blank questions to answer and there is also information and quotes that serve to make this workbook a valuable reference book for the believer who is serious about being effective in prayer ministry.  This workbook will also serve as a great discussion guide for groups who view the videos together. The workbook is easy to follow while viewing the videos as Dr. Miller – the teacher on the videos – frequently points out to students which page of the workbook is presently being addressed. . 55 Pages

About the author:
Mark Batterson serves as the lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington, DC. Recognized as “one of America’s 25 most innovative churches.” NCC is one church with seven locations. Mark’s blog and web cast also reach a virtual congregation around the world.


DVD Set - TBP price, $79.99


Workbook- TBP price, $14.99

Invading Babylon,
The 7 Mountain Mandate


By Lance Wallnau and Bill Johnson


About the book:
This is a compilation of articles written by six different Church leaders who are being used by God to advance His Kingdom. The topic of the book is a strategically timely one. The Spirit of God has been moving to wake up His Church in North America to take authority in each and every sector, or “mountain,” of influence for the purpose of answering the prayer, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth!” The only reason Satan is able to take domain in the arts & entertainment, in the media, in education, in business, in government, etc. is because the people of God are not exercising the domain they have been called to exercise in the name of Jesus. This can be done effectively, lovingly, and refreshingly. – In Chautauqua County, the Church is meeting and strategizing in unity to seek God and to support and encourage each other to exercise the dominion God has mandated. This book in one resource we are using for common understanding.


About the author:
: Dr. Wallnau has shared platforms with best-selling authors Ken Blanchard and John Maxwell, and lectured at universities from Harvard and M.I.T. to the London School of Theology. Merging a thirty-year background consulting in business and the non-profit sector, Lance inspires visions of tomorrow with the clarity of today—connecting ideas to action. His students represent a tapestry spanning nations and spheres: from politicians, to CEO’s, entertainers and entrepreneurs. He currently directs the Lance Learning Group, a strategic teaching and consulting company based in Dallas, Texas. - Dr. Wallnau’s is a frequent television guest and conference keynote speaker. Thousands of leaders around the world attest to the lasting impact of their first encounter with Lance.
Bill Johnson is an itinerant speaker, author, and the current Senior Pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California. Johnson has appeared on television segments aired on the Christian Broadcasting (CBN) and Trinity Broadcasting networks, on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural, and in several faith-based documentaries. He has been featured on the cover of Charisma magazine and has been the focus of several magazine articles. Supernatural manifestations and healing are a normal part of Johnson’s ministry.

tions. Mark’s blog and web cast also reach a virtual congregation around the world.


TBP price, $9.26


Invading the Seven Mountains with Intercession,
How to Reclaim Society through Prayer

By Tommie Femrite


About the book:
This book is the perfect companion to read along with Invading Babylon. All leaders in the Kingdom of God need informant and concerted and faithful prayer support. – Why did the Apostle Paul ask people to pray for him over and over and over again? It was because no matter how Spirit filled and gifted and committed a leader in the Church is; without constant prayer back-up they will not succeed. – Femrite provides practical guidance, excellent examples, and inspiration on the pages of this “five star” book. [ATTENTION: This book is now out of print. The Better Place bought the publisher out.]


About the author:
Tommi Femrite is an ordained minister and the founder of GateKeepers International and the Apostolic Intercessors Network. A highly respected teacher and speaker with more than 37 years of ministry experience around the world, Tommi is recognized as a spiritual strategist who is able to assess the enemy’s grip, receive God’s strategic battle plans, and communicate this wisdom with humor and prophetic accuracy. She lives in Colorado Springs with her husband Ralph.


TBP price, $9.26


The Circle Maker,
Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears

By Mark Batterson



About the book:
How big is your God? Is he big enough to heal your marriage or to heal your child? Is he bigger than a positive MRI or a negative evaluation? Is he bigger than your secret sin or secret dream?

In The Circle Maker, Pastor Mark Batterson shares powerful insights from the true legend of Honi the circle maker, a first-century Jewish sage whose bold prayer ended a drought and saved a generation. Drawing inspiration from his own experiences as a circle maker, Batterson will teach your how to pray in a new way by drawing prayer circles around your dreams, your family, your problems, and, most importantly, God’s promises. In the process, you’ll discover this simple yet life-changing truth: God honors bold prayers and bold prayers honor God. 226 Pages


About the author:
Mark Batterson serves as the lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington, DC. Recognized as “one of America’s 25 most innovative churches.” NCC is one church with seven locations. Mark’s blog and web cast also reach a virtual congregation around the world.


TBP price, $9.50


The Essential Guide to Healing
Equipping All Christians to Pray for the Sick

By Bill Johnson and Randy Clark



About the book:
You can help people stop suffering. You can make a difference in your world. You can help deliver God’s Healing power.

Pastors and bestselling authors Bill Johnson and Randy Clark team up to equip all Christians to minister healing. Sharing inspiring and exciting stories – and grounded from start to finish in Scripture – Johnson and Clark lay out practical, proven, step-by-step guidance to ministering healing, including how to understand your authority in the ministry of healing, walk out the ministry of healing with anyone you meet and in your personal life, receive and relay words of knowledge, and implement and apply the five-step model of healing prayer.

253 Pages


About the authors:
Bill Johnson is the senior pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California. A fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the power of the Spirit, he is the bestselling author of When Heaven Invades Earth. Bill and his church family see healings regularly in areas ranging from cancer to broken bones to learning disorders to emotional trauma.
Randy Clark is the founder of Global Awakening, a teaching, healing and impartation ministry that crosses denominational lines. An in-demand international speaker, he is the leader of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening and travels extensively for conferences, international missions, leadership training and humanitarian aid. He continues, with great tenacity and effectiveness, to demonstrate the Lord’s power to heal the sick.


TBP price, $12.00


God's Creative Power for Healing

By Charles Capps



About the book:
This powerful little pocket-size booklet combines clear teaching with Scripture confessions for healing. You will learn how you can release the ability of God for your healing by the words of your mouth.

48 Pages


About the author:
Charles Capps is a retired farmer, land developer and ordained minister who travels throughout the United States sharing the truth of God’s Word. He has taught Bible seminars for over thirty years sharing how Christians can apply the Word to the circumstances of life and live victoriously. – Besides authoring several books, including the bestselling The Tongue, A Creative Force, and the minibook God’s Creative Power Will Work for You, which has sold over 4 million copies, Charles Capps Ministries has a national daily syndicated radio broadcast and weekly TV broadcast called “Concepts of Faith.”


TBP price, $1.50


Healing for Damages Emotions

By David A. Seamands



About the book:
Whether through our own fallen temperament, willful disobedience, or as victims of the hurtful actions of others, many of us struggle with crippling emotions, among them perfectionism, depression, and low self-worth. The pain of such emotions is often present with us even though the incidents and relationships that caused the hurt may be long past. – This book, first published in 1981 and since translated into over fifteen languages, has helped over a million readers worldwide deal honestly and successfully with their inner hurts. Through the realistic, scriptural approach that Dr. Seamands brings to this deeply personal subject, you too can find healing and then become an agent of healing for other strugglers. – The Better Place strongly recommends reading this book before receiving the Agape Prayer Ministry and before attending the Agape Prayer Ministry School.

193 Pages


About the author:
David A. Seamands was a leader in evangelical renewal movements within the United Methodist Church and a pioneer in the field of Christian counseling, as well as the best-selling author of books such as Redeeming the Past, Putting Away Childish Things, If Only, Freedom from the Performance Trap, and Healing Meditations for Life. A former missionary and pastor, Dr. Seamands served in the Asbury Theological Seminary community for many years, retiring in 1992 as Professor of Pastoral Ministries and Counselor in Residence.


Offered to help undergird the Agape Prayer Ministry

TBP price, $9.10


I AM, The Truth About Who I Am

By Lisa Glaiser



About the book:
This book is written in a format that makes it useful for daily devotions; each chapter is only four to six pages in length beginning with scriptures to reflect on followed by insightful commentary, warnings about wrongful application and guides to healthy application. – From the back cover: “Has your identity been stolen? Enter into this journey of a lifetime as we explore the truth of your real identity; not the ‘you’ you hope to be or the ‘you’ you try to be, but the ‘you’ you were created to be!” – Every book includes a compact music disk with the original song, “I Am” by Lisa Glasier. 193 Pages


About the author:
Lisa Glasier is a musician and author as well as a certified health coach and personal trainer. She owns and operates “Energie Personal Training”. Lisa has written many songs and leads worship with her band, WOO. Her heart is to help others come to know the love of God. Lisa and her husband, Steven, live in Fredonia, NY with their five children. – Lisa has been the worship leader at several of The Better Place Regional Schools of Prayer.


Offered to help undergird the Agape Prayer Ministry

TBP price, $15.50


Intercessory PRAYER

By Dutch Sheets



About the book:
In this bestselling book, pastor and teacher Dutch Sheets explains the nuts and bolts of prayer with wisdom, gentleness and humor. This book will inspire you, give you the courage to pray for the “impossible” and help you find the persistence to see your prayers to completion. Discover your role as a prayer warrior; it can mean the difference between heaven and hell for someone you know! – A discussion leader’s guide is included in the back.

279 Pages




About the author:
Dutch Sheets is an internationally known conference speaker, pastor and author. He has written many books, including Authority in Prayer. Dutch travels extensively as a guest lecturer in various venues. He is fervent in empowering believers for passionate prayer and world-changing revival. Dutch is the senior pastor of Freedom Church in Colorado Springs, CO.


TBP price, $13.00


Prayer That Brings Revival
Interceding for God to Move Your Family, Church, and Community

By David Yonggi Cho



About the book:
The sub-title, “Interceding for God to move in your family, church and community” captures the essence of this book. As you turn the pages and read what is there, Dr. Cho will show you how prayer produces power, teach you the key to prayer and fasting, prepare you to wait on the Lord, help you to pray longer with more persistence and instruct you in how to listen to God’s voice. At the same time Dr. Cho will entertain you and move you to laughter with his great sense of humor. – This book is a “pep rally” for prayer. 165 Pages


About the author:
David Yonggi Cho believes God has no favorite children. What brought power to the lives of men like Luther, Wesley, Finney and Moody can also bring you power. – After being converted from Buddhism as a young boy, David Yonggi Cho studied medicine and law before entering the ministry. He is the founder and pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, Korea, which has more than 750,000 members. World-renowned as a teacher and conference speaker, Cho is the author of several books, including The Holy Spirit, My Senior Partner and The Apocalyptic Prophecy.


TBP price, $9.50


The Three Battlegounds
An in-depth view of the three arenas of spiritual warfare;
The mind, the church and the heavenly places.

By Francis Frangipane



About the book:
Anytime the Spirit of God’s Kingdom is truly manifested in the earth, it will ultimately confront the strongholds of hell. Indeed, wherever evil spirits have either a foothold or a stronghold, you can expect that the overcoming Church will be engaged in warfare, and expect also that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church that Jesus builds. – This book explores the three arenas of spiritual warfare that the maturing Christian will face: the mind, the Church and the heavenly places. It provides a foundation of insight, wisdom and discernment on the nature of the battle and the keys to victory. 164 Pages


About the author:
Francis Frangipane is now retired from the senior pastor position at River of Life Ministries in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which he founded in 1989. He has written many best-selling books including When the Many are One. Pastor Frangipane is the director of “In Christ’s Image Training”, an online ministry school with students in over 70 nations. He also produces a half-hour weekly television program, also called In Christ’s Image, which is distributed to 215 nations through GOD TV.


Offered to help undergird the Agape Prayer Ministry


TBP price, $8.50



When the many are One
How to lay aside our differences and come together at the house of God

By Francis Frangipane



About the book:
In When the Many are One (formerly The House of the Lord), Francis Frangipane demonstrates how Christians of every color, culture, and denomination can work together to transform our communities. – Our best efforts will not stop the flood of problems in our cities if we remain isolated from each other, In a season when external forces are causing disunity and division, Francis Frangipane calls us back to oneness with Christ, and through him oneness with other Christians. With the character and power of Christ in our midst, the Church can again bring transformation to our communities, our nation, and our world. 199 Pages


About the author:
Francis Frangipane is now retired from the senior pastor position at River of Life Ministries in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which he founded in 1989. He has written many best-selling books including When the Many are One. Pastor Frangipane is the director of “In Christ’s Image Training”, an online ministry school with students in over 70 nations. He also produces a half-hour weekly television program, also called In Christ’s Image, which is distributed to 215 nations through GOD TV.


TBP price, $11.50



Wounds That Heal
Bringing Our Hurts to the Cross

By Stephan Seamands



About the book:
In this fallen world, people are hurt and exploited. Children are abused. Marriages are broken. Tragedies of all kinds afflict us and the ones we love. Woundedness, it seems, is simply a fact of life. But we are not alone in our suffering. Despite our emotional, psychological and physical injuries, God has not abandoned us. – Balancing sound biblical exposition with sensitive pastoral care, Stephen Seamands examines the profound implications of Jesus’ crucifixion for our healing and restoration. Because Jesus experienced abuse, shame and rejection he understands the hurts we experience today. – Filled with real-life stories of people’s brokenness and healing, this book offers comfort for our wounded souls.
180 Pages


About the author:
Of note for readers of books offered by TBP: Stephen Seamands is the son of David Seamands who is the author of Healing for Damaged Emotions; required reading for all Agape Prayer Ministry participants. – Stephen is professor of Christian doctrine at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. He is a frequent speaker and retreat leader on such issues as emotional healing and spiritual renewal. He is also the author of several other books including Ministry in the Image of God.


Offered to help undergird the Agape Prayer Ministry


TBP price, $11.00




Should we always forgive? Is forgiveness always even possible? Does forgiveness enable evil? Does it sacrifice justice? Are there any limits? – In a world where the ugliness of rage and retaliation are driving the story line, Unconditional? offers the beauty, reconciliation, and total restoration of forgiveness the way Jesus taught us to live it. This book begins with the horror of the Holocaust as it explores what forgiveness means and how far it should go in the real world of murder, rape, child abuse, genocide, and other atrocities. With great honesty, compassion, and depth, Zahnd incorporates some of the most compelling and difficult thoughts on the subject from history’s writers, philosophers, and theologians – always returning to the example Jesus gave us with his life and his death. The application to our personal wounds, no matter how great or trivial, is clear.


Brian Zahnd is the founding pastor of Word of Life Church, a thriving congregation in St. Joseph, Missouri. His writing has receive the glowing endorsement of a plethora of well-known leaders in the Church today.


This book is offered to help undergird the Agape Prayer Ministry

TBP price: $14.60




The Bible is explicit: Christians live in a battlefield, contending with three distinct opponents – the world, the flesh and the devil. The battles are real, and so are the casualties. Too many Christians lose more battles than they win and endure their walk with God rather than enjoy it. They consistently lose battles they should be winning. Those who choose to ignore, ridicule or run from the realities of spiritual warfare, are putting themselves at a huge disadvantage in this conflict. Christians must learn to be strategic in their responses to these three enemies, learning how to fight biblically and effectively rather than just sincerely. Through sound biblical teaching backed up by a wealth of practical and successful experience, Dr. Payne provides the reader with the knowledge needed and reveals the tools available to fight the good fight against demonic forces and to win.


Dr. Karl I Payne received his Masters of Divinity and Doctorate of Ministry from Western Seminary, Portland. For over a quarter century, Payne has trained people through his discipleship and apologetics materials. He is the pastor of leadership development at Antioch Bible Church, the founder of the Transferable Cross Training Foundation, and serves as the chaplain for the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks.


This book is offered to help undergird the Agape Prayer Ministry

TBP price: $12.00





My Gospel, My Gospel Companion, and First Step to Adventure were all authored by the Director of The Better Place, Roy L. Miller. We feature these three books here.

309 pages – TBP price $18.00


96 pages – TBP price $6.50


58 small pages – TBP price $17.00 for a pack of 10


package: Order one copy of each of the three books for a total of $24.00


About the books:

My Gospel begins with a story about how God’s love made a way for us when there was no way. A story about a God who knows exactly what we need and gives us the customized attention necessary to guide our steps and our paths to grow ever closer to him. The sub-title, “The Adventure of Partnering with God to See His Kingdom Come,” is very much what this book is all about. – In My Gospel, Roy Miller begins with his own unique telling of the ageless gospel message. Weaving together engaging anecdotes and examples of God’s personal touch, he covers the topics that are vital for living in partnership with God to see His Kingdom come, including growing to know God better, following Jesus, living the adventure where you are, finding freedom in Christ, going to church verses being the Church, fighting evil with prayer and believing for miracles and healing.

My Gospel Companion Study Guide is designed to help you enhance your understanding of the book, My Gospel. – This 13-week study guide complements each chapter in My Gospel and will challenge you to explore your understanding of the Gospels through insightful commentary, quotes and question. Each day’s questions will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. The tools offered throughout this study guide will bring you a better understanding of the Gospels and will help to nurture your personal relationship with Jesus.

First Step to Adventure is an excerpt from My Gospel.  For years people who heard Roy Miller explain the Christian Gospel exclaimed that they had never heard such a clear explanation. Many have declared they now understand the Gospel for the first time in their lives. That is part of what motived Rev. Miller to write My Gospel in the first place. First Step is taken from the introduction and first chapter of My Gospel. It contains the clear Gospel explanation that has helped so many people over the years to “get it” for the first time. – This is a pocket size booklet that is intended to be given away as a witnessing tool.

About the Author:

Roy L. Miller is the founder and Director of The Better Place. He was a senior pastor for 22 years and then a District Superintendent in the United Methodist Church for 6 years before launching The Better Place in 2003.
Rev. Miller teaches and preaches regularly in churches, and at conferences and retreats throughout the United States and in East Africa. He has a Master of Divinity degree from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, MA and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Drew University School of Theology in Madison, NJ. He has been married to Valerie since 1973; they have three children and seven grandchildren.



Every day, hundreds and thousands of times His Gospel is spoken...God loves His story told...and we need to hear it.  As often as possible, in many different ways we need to hear the story of God's love for us, His redemption of us and the power He gives us to live a holy life.  
In My Gospel, my friend Roy Miller tells God's story again.  It's the same story I've heard for much of my life, but through his telling it, Roy gave me new insights and reminded me of God's purpose in my life.  I recommend reading My Gospel and letting Roy tell you God's story one more time.  You will reference it many times afterward.

Nathan Bailey
, Ministry Director
Park UM Church, Sinclairville, NY


My Gospel helps to direct those in the Word whether it is the milk or the solid food that is needed. Rev. Miller has an awesome way to encourage us to walk closer with our Lord and Savior and to rely more on our “Papa Bear”.  It has encouraged me to examine my life but more importantly to allow the Lord to examine my life (Psalm 139).  I highly recommend reading it slowly and with a group, examining the scripture references to mine all of its truths. Truthfully, there were so many things that I enjoyed that helped me to evaluate where I am. I loved the last chapter and the illustration of the prayer house. It is so timely and I shared the illustration just this morning at the YMCA.

Lieutenant [Sheriff] Jim Quattrone, Lakewood, NY


Words are powerful.  They can build another up or tear them down.  They can encourage and give hope to the hopeless or set the prisoner free; free to seek a new life and follow the word of God.
Pastor Roy has been inspired by God's Holy Spirit to write a testimony of the power of God's Gospel.  A testimony of God's love and mercy, a testimony that the words of Christ are still true; "I will be with you always even to the end of the age..."
This book is a must read.  My Gospel will encourage you, build you up, and give your life new direction and purpose.  The power of the Holy Spirit is very evident in Roy's writing, his life and in the lives of those who shared testimony between these pages.
Enjoy this reading, but be prepared to want more of what Jesus wants for you and freely gives; His love.

Pastor Rodney Mileham
East Randolph UMC
Randolph, NY


Dear Pastor Roy,
I am reading My Gospel.  Praying for my enemies has always been a problem for me and I admit I haven’t done it much.  Thank you for explaining the "heap burning coals on their heads" passage.  I never understood it and thought it meant that praying for my enemy was some backhanded way of getting revenge.  Your explanation really gave me insight and the illustration of Mr. A & P brought it home.  I hope to keep growing in Christ.

L. R.
Frewsburg C&MA Church
Frewsburg, NY


I want to thank you for your book: My Gospel. WOW! It's amazing.  I just am in awe of how the Holy Spirit writes through you...each week....the chapter seems to speak right to my heart & God is teaching me, blessing me, drawing me closer to Him through His Word. Amazing! Your stories are great & the Biblical wisdom-perfect. I'm in chapter 6, on how to arm yourself for battle...and Mike & I are in the process of doing that”.
Rev. Erin Beckerink, Pastor, Clymer Hill Reformed Church, Clymer, NY

And here is what Connie S. Salvatore of Huston, TX wrote (on Facebook) about Rev. Beckerink’s words of praise: Connie Smith Salvatore I agree...great book...thank you for your obedience...


I'm reading your book, and I'm disappointed I waited so long to get into it!! It's been one of those books that speaks exactly what I needed to hear at the exact time. Thank you for writing it. Especially the letter to Brenda in chapter 5, it was exactly what I needed to hear that day."


Dan Skinner, Drummer, “To the Sky” Christian band / Youth ministry leader, Franklinville, NY


The organization of the book is clear; the argument for the need for deepening one’s personal Christian commitment is elaborated throughout the work in ways that give vivid portrayals of Christian witness and leadership in action. The book is enlivened by many personal anecdotes richly revealing the fullness of [Roy’s] dedication to his ministry.
Reading this book, rich in fullness of Biblical references, has been very illuminating – [Roy’s] stalwart devotion to the challenge of bringing people to a fullness of the spirit and challenge of the Christian faith is wonderfully evident in his very fineMy Gospel.


Bob Burrows
Professor of English Literature (retired)
University of Wisconsin at Whitewater


Dear Roy,
Your well written work, My Gospel, matters. It deserves to be read for it causes the reader to think. It certainly has done that to me. You bring front and center even a prayer for me. Even Judy (my sister) insisted on reading it to me during a recent phone conversation. She, and I, are much impressed by your knowledge of the Bible and its transfer to you and those around you.
Thank you for writing it. Write more.

Harold Miller, President (retired)
Houghton Mifflin Publishing Company
Lincoln, MA


Hi Roy!
My group is growing by leaps and bounds spiritually as we continue the study of My Gospel. We thank God for your ministry.


Rene Adams, Pastor
Napoli UMC
Napoli, NY


Dear Rev. Miller
Love from Africa!!!!
Thank you again for your book. It is such a marvelous book. It’s a master piece. It contains very inspirational messages. It is a must read for all the people who would like the adventure of partnering with God to see His Kingdom extended. It answered a lot of questions I had. I am so glad I got a copy of the book. Thank you so much!

Pastor Eddie Kizito
Nabweru, Wakiso District, Uganda


The National Overseer for The Church of God in Uganda sent these encouraging words in an email: Importantly man of God, I do not have words in my vocabulary, to use to express what blessedness and benefit you have accorded to me, when I set aside November 2013 to read your wonderful book Bishop Roy !!!!! WOW WOW !   What a writing, How rich and how edifying and educating!!!!. This is the best book apart from the Bible I have read in 2012/2013 !!! I am still making my own notes and I have made it dirty by reading and underlining! – And later he wrote again: I have read your book you wrote [ have read it 3 times from cover to cover] and the whole of February and 3 weeks of March, it is what I have been teaching to the Kamwokya Churches and to now 5 Districts where I have had seminars for leaders. Thank you for obeying God. This morning my son Christopher said as we were getting breakfast: “That, Bishop Roy is a very great teacher we have had”. What he said added more value to the teaching I am doing to the pastors from your book. I AM NOT DOING THIS TO GLORIFY YOU, BUT GOD WHO GAVE YOU THE GIFT, THE REVELATION AND THE ANOINTING AND FOR MAKING YOU A DOWN TO EARTH SERVANT OF GOD.
In Christ's service,

Bishop Solomon Mukonjo,
National Overseer,
Church of God World Missions in Uganda,
P.O.BOX 419 Kampala - Uganda,